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Child Safety and Family Advocacy Division

The Child Safety & Family Advocacy Division (CSFAD) team of caseworkers provides support and advocacy to individuals who have concerns about a child in their life. CSFAD caseworkers can provide information and/or connect individuals to the right systems and resources when they are a concerned about child sexual abuse or exploitation.

Who is it for?

All Canadians

What does it do?

The CSFAD team of caseworkers responds to inquiries from the public related to questions and concerns around child sexual abuse and exploitation. Caseworkers can answer questions and provide helpful information but may also provide support and advocacy in accessing mandated services where necessary.

How does it support child safety?

Often individuals aren’t sure where to turn or what to do when they have questions or concerns about a child’s safety. C3P wants to encourage citizens to reach out when they are worried about a child. CSFAD caseworkers can provide helpful information on how to keep children safe and can also help connect individuals to the right response systems or resources.

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