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Missing and Exploited Children Training Conference (MECC): Terms and Conditions

Registration Fee.

Includes admission to the sessions registered for, program material for such sessions, breakfast snacks, coffee breaks, and opening night reception.

Cancellation and Refund Policy.

A refund (less an administrative fee of $40.00) will be made if notice of cancellation is received in writing before April 30, 2022. We regret that no refund will be given after this period. A substitute delegate is permitted only if the substitute delegate provides the same type of information that the original delegate supplied at registration (contact information, professional discipline, etc.), accepts registration on these terms and conditions, and satisfies the registration requirements set out in “Registration and Access Restrictions” below.


Recommended attire for the conference is business casual.

Registration and Access Restrictions.

The conference is intended to provide training to individuals engaged in the field of law enforcement, legal services, social work, social services, children's advocacy, education, counselling, therapy, probation or medicine. All attendees must provide the Canadian Centre for Child Protection Inc. (“C3P”) with their professional discipline and the name of the organization they work for or are associated with, within the registration form. An attendee must be an employee, board member, or proprietor of (or provide services to) the organization named on the registration form of the attendee; and must be authorized to practice the profession identified on the registration. Student attendees in the listed fields may be admitted at the discretion of the conference organizer, and must be a student of the educational institution named on the registration form of the student attendees. Due to the sensitive nature of the information presented at the conference, C3P reserves the right to restrict access to the conference and to certain presentations.

Right to Reject Registration, Refuse Entry, or Eject Participants.

C3P reserves the right to reject any registration prior to the date of the conference without explanation by notifying the individual concerned by email or mail and refunding 100% of the registration fee paid. It also reserves the right to refuse entry to an attendee or to eject a participant from the conference or from a presentation without explanation. If entry is refused, 100% of the registration fee paid will be refunded. If the attendee is ejected from the conference or a presentation, the amount of the registration fee that will be refunded will be pro-rated based upon how much of the conference the attendee has already attended and whether or not the participant returned any conference materials in reasonable condition and within a reasonable time.

Photographs and Videos.

Cameras, video cameras and phones/devices with such capabilities must not be used by participants within the conference venue. C3P may take photos and videos at the conference for internal purposes, and may select certain photos and videos to publish and use in connection with promotion or general reference to the conference. If photos/videos are to be used externally, the individuals within the photos will be rendered non-identifiable, or specific consent will be sought from the individual either at the time the photo/video is taken or prior to such external use/publication.

Limitation of Liability.

The subject matter that may be touched upon or presented at the conference may be disturbing to some participants. While reasonable efforts are made by the presenters and by the conference organizers to minimize the disclosure of graphic details, it is not possible, due to the nature of the subject matter, to avoid presenting information that may be disturbing to some. Participants must protect themselves by exercising discretion and removing themselves from the conference and specific presentations as necessary based on their own knowledge of themselves and their own sensitivities. C3P CANNOT AND DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY LIABILITY FOR ANY PERSONAL DISCOMFORT, PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA OR MENTAL DISTRESS THAT MAY BE SUFFERED BY ANY PARTICIPANT IN THE CONFERENCE REGARDLESS OF CAUSE, INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE, WHETHER FORESEEABLE OR UNFORESEEABLE.

Right to Change Speakers and Content.

C3P reserves the right to change program date, meeting place, speakers or content without notice and assumes no liability for such changes. Notwithstanding the foregoing, reasonable efforts will be made to communicate changes to program date and meeting place wherever possible.


C3P is committed to the protection of personal information. Contact information is collected and used for the purpose of processing the registration, creating a name badge for the participant, distributing conference materials at the conference, and placement on the delegate list for those who consent to being placed on the delegate list. Professional discipline/unit information is collected and used for the purpose of processing the registration. Credit card information is collected, used and disclosed for the purpose of processing payment. In addition, by registering for this conference, you consent to receiving further information relating to the conference, such as updates or changes to the conference. By registering for the conference, you are agreeing to the foregoing collection, use and disclosure. For more information, see our privacy policy at If you have any questions about the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information, please contact our conference manager Avery Wolaniuk at (204) 945-1866 or at

Future Communications.

Following the conference, you may also receive by mail or email information regarding subsequent conferences for a limited time. When sending information electronically, C3P will follow all limitations set out in existing legislation. You can unsubscribe at any time.

No Commercial Use of Participant Information.

C3P is committed to ensuring that all electronic messages sent in connection with the conference are compliant with existing legislation governing the sending of commercial electronic messages. By registering for this conference, you agree that you will not use any participant information you receive in a way that violates Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation or any other applicable laws. In particular, you agree that you will not send any electronic messages with a commercial purpose to anyone whose contact information you obtained from C3P as a result of your participation in the conference. A message is commercial if it encourages participation in a commercial activity, regardless of whether any profit is made or expected. For more information on Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, please visit


Contact us at (204) 945-1866 or by email at

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